Eyebrow Hair Loss Micropigmentation

An answer to those on who have been on emotional journey!

What is facial feature restoration?

Facial feature restoration, also known as medical micropigmentation or permanent cosmetics, is simply expertly applied makeup & artistic techniques offering 24/7 ‘looks that last’ to medical patients. We welcome clients who may have experienced facial trauma or are missing any of the following features due to conditions such as birth defect, trauma, injury or accident: male and female eyebrow restoration, male and female eye socket and eye lining definition, male and female eyelash definition, male and female lip restoration to add colour and create balance and symmetry.

What is the treatment?

The procedure involves implanting tiny particles of coloured pigment beneath the surface of the skin, (much like a tattoo), to create features that stay put. Our team offer patients an aesthetic answer for those who have been on a emotional journey and our team only use pigments that are EU pharmaceutical medical graded. 

How long will it take?

To be discussed during consultation.

What is the cost?

Price on application.