Areola Re-pigmentation

What is Medical Tattooing?

Medical Tattooing is adding colour to the face and body anywhere that colour is missing from injury or trauma, birth defect, post-surgery or as an alternative to surgery. Our process involves implanting EU pharmaceutical medical grade hypo-allergenic pigments into the skin. We do not implant as deeply as a regular tattoo, as colour adjustment and re positioning may be required in the future. Medical tattooing offers the ‘finishing touch’ post-surgery or trauma.

Reconstruction treatments can be an emotional journey. Micropigmentation is a simple, fast procedure and our specialist team will advise you on what treatment, colour and technique is best for you. The procedure is virtually painless, very quick and easy.

The shape of the new areola is created & our team of experts will build layers of colour and redefine a shape over a number of sessions. If the area is Bi Lateral we will take into account skin tone to provide you with the most natural colour possible. For Uni Lateral patients we will simply choose the closest colour match. For medical patients we can also provide a 3-D nipple if it is missing or lacking. This gives the illusion of protrusion.

How long will it take?

The perfect nipple can be created in an hour long session. (plus consultation time)

What is the cost?

£150 to £200 per treatment per session.

Medical Tattooing FAQ’s