Scalp Micropigmentation FAQ’s

Is Scalp Micropigmentation like a regular tattoo?
No, the equipment is specifically designed for micropigmentation to delicately deposit the pigments with ultimate precision higher in the skin than a regular tattoo. The inks and pigments are also designed specifically for the treatment and are not as permanent as a regular body art project.

Can I resume back to my normal lifestyle following the treatment?
Yes, the down time with SMP as a minimally invasive procedure is low. You may experience some redness immediately after the procedure and for up to 48 hours. You will need to keep the treatment area clean and dry for four days to allow the pigment to settle and hold and also avoid heavy strenuous activities during this time. As soon as the treatment is completely healed you can resume all normal activities.

Is the tattoo recognisable?
SMP is about re-creating a natural look so although the change can be noticeable, especially for those who are having a new hairline, it should not be recognised as a tattoo. Working with what you have naturally and with skill and expertise your technician will be looking to give you an undetectable treatment.

Are different coloured pigments available?
There are different shades and colours available depending on the choice of pigment/ink. Some treatments are completed with a grey scale and some with more warm tones depending on client needs and the area of treatment. All options will be covered during an in-depth consultation.

Is the treatment permanent?
No micropigmentation treatment can be considered permanent as the ink changes/fades over time. There are two options in terms of the pigment/ink; one which needs a touch up or colour boost every 12 months on average and one which is more long-lasting and requires a top up every 3-5 years. Lifestyle, sun exposure and skin type can all impact on the longevity of the treatment

What is the life span of the treatment?
Some treatments will remain visible for 12 months and some may remain visible for 5 years or more. Pigment can remain in the skin indefinitely however the colour, which is affected by UV, will fade. During a consultation all the options and average expectations will be discussed.

How long will the treatment take?
Treatment times vary for each client as there are many factors to treatment including the treatment area size and the type of skin. Most treatments take between 1 and 3 hours on average and a treatment plan is always set in place. SMP is a multi-session process to ensure a consistent, natural finish, with an average of three sessions required to complete the initial treatment phase.